About Us

Created to provide on-site assistance throughout the move process, Encore Support Group works closely with each service partner to deliver a stress-free experience for the transferee. Each On-Site Manager is a seasoned moving services professional with experience in working with all aspects of a high-touch household goods move. As an advocate for the transferee and their family, they are dedicated to managing the inherent stress and creating an exceptional relocation experience.




You have been wonderful in managing this whole move for me - very much appreciated, as I worked through most of it! I could not have managed it otherwise (or would have been unpacking until Christmas)! It was delightful getting to know you and I would love to look you up when in Phoenix.

Thank you so much! You were a lifesaver, as both an emotional and physical support. You were a valuable asset to this crazy process, and it was so enjoyable sharing time with you and hearing about your life/family experiences. We have so much in common and I’m sad we don’t actually live nearby. If you have a desire to keep in touch, it would be my pleasure! Thank you again - you are a blessing!

We are just about completely settled in to the new (rental) house. I am so thankful that you managed this move for us.  Just an amazing job from start to finish. Thanks for your hard work, expertise, professionalism, and results.  Would have been infinitely harder without you. BTW on an ongoing daily basis I am amazed by exquisite skills of the organizer team. Stuff is so intelligently sorted, arranged, organized, and stowed to a degree I would never have imagined possible. Impressive!  Thanks again and thanks again for the awesome job you did to make this as painless as possible for our coast to coast move. You are officially one of my heroes!

I cannot tell you what a help you have been! My mom is in the hospital and I can’t break away from San Diego. My wife mentioned that it was such a pleasure having your help today. Not surprising to me. You are fantastic!

You were such an incredible partner to have on this journey! I'm so appreciative of the exceptional support that you provided to our family. You went above and beyond in all ways to make our transition as frictionless as possible. We absolutely could not have done it without you!

Thanks again for everything! You have been the glue that has held this move together. I called my relocation company and said ‘thank goodness for you and your service’. It’s times like these that companies like yours can really make a huge difference.